Ity and Fancycat Show

Ity & Fancycat Show

The ITY & Fancy CAT Show

Something to get up and shout and laugh about!

“the chemistry between Ity and Fancy Cat is in the tradition of Jamaica’s top comedy duos, Ike & Mike, Bim & Bam, Lou & Ranny, Bello & Blacka.” Jean Lowrie-Chin, Monday, December 25, 2006, Jamaica Observer.

Unquestionably rated among the top stand up comedy acts in Jamaica, Ity and Fancy Cat is an engaging and entertaining comedic duo with a proven record of originality, consistency, and professionalism.
Ity And Fancy Cat win hearts, command applause, and create thunderous laughter anywhere they perform. They enjoy tremendous popularity in Jamaica, and their work extends to appreciative audiences in North America, the UK and all over the Caribbean.
They were the Gleaner awardees for Best Comic Duo two years in a row, and they have established an enviable reputation with their spontaneity, versatility and exciting stage presence. In addition to their expansive repertoire of jokes, stories, impersonations, impressions and dance moves; this duo also boasts an amazing capacity to adapt their content and delivery to suit the sensibilities of a wide range of audiences. Simply put, they make people laugh, they do it every time; and they are equally effective in any setting.