DI Driva explores the issue of surrogacy in Jamaica. Ranny (Thompson) is a very cocky politician who

Delcita & Shebada in "Di Driva"

thinks that he is the greatest gift to Thelma (Wisdom/Rowe) his wife, is angered by the discovery that he is unable to father children.  This is not the only battle he is trying to win, he also is in the middle of a general election. While Ranny is unrelenting in his quest to win a seat in parliament, his wife is busy trying to find a medical solution to their child bearing problem. Enter Dr. First (Campbell) with the perfect solution by employing the maternal services of Delcita (Wright). All this takes place without the knowledge and blessing of Driva (Ramsay), Delcita’s boyfriend. Things begin to fall into place when Driva gets himself a new job and decides to migrate to Kingston.

Di Driva is for the entire family. It is a realistic comedy with a very interesting mix of characters. The characters (Driva and Delcita) played by Keith and Andrea are two of the top comedic acts in Jamaica today and this is their first time on stage together. There is so much laughter and excitement being generated by these two talented individuals, it is hard to justify having these two powerhouses in the same play – it seems almost like an overkill. Nonetheless, Keith and Andrea work very well together and the audiences are the ones benefiting from the enviable stage chemistry shown by these two very talented individuals.